Color Me Birth Affirmation Banner 4x6 Digital Download

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Now available as a digital download!!!

Birth affirmations are a great tool, and are useful for getting ready for a birth. With this coloring birth affirmation banner, you can personalize a set of affirmations to hang in your birth space.

This digital download includes 20 Ready to Color 4"x6"flags that you can print out at home for personal use! (Colored border is not included) The coloring pictures were hand drawn, and the affirmations have been carefully selected keeping in mind that not everyone has had a perfect birth experience in the past, and that some women have had traumatic experiences. Many of the affirmation are fairly open ended, allowing each mom to interpret them in a way that is most beneficial to her. (For example, "open, release" could be either physically or emotionally, depending on how the mom chooses to see it)

These Birth Affirmations are also VBAC Friendly:

I am mentally and emotionally prepared to birth my baby
My surges cannot be stronger than me. They are me.
My baby is the perfect size for my body
I can handle anything for 60 seconds
My mind, body, and heart are perfectly aligned
I believe in birth
Breathe baby out
I am strong
My body knows how to birth this baby
Open. Release.
I feel confident in my ability to make educated decisions about my birth
I set myself free of any doubt
Each surge brings me closer to meeting my baby
Push from the heart
I am at peace with my choices
Breathe in peace
My courage is stronger than my fear
Trust the process
She believed she could so she did

Ways to use this banner:

*Meditation time for mom, a chance to relax and personalize her own banner to hang in her birth space
*A way to include children in the arrival of a new baby
*A Blessingway activity for up to 20 people. People can sit around a table and chat while coloring flags.
*And more!  

This set can be colored any way you'd like--colored pencils, crayons, and pastels. Markers can also be used, and although I'm not officially recommending it.... if done with extreme caution and minimal water, watercolors look good too! (Try this at your own risk!) Just be sure to weigh the cards down to make them lay flat using a piece of wood or something after you are finished to minimize curling.

Want them to have a colorful border like the photo examples?
Purchase card stock in any color you'd like and cut the paper to 5x7 for best results.  Use spray adhesive or a glue stick to attach the printed affirmations, and then simply punch holes into the top and thread onto your string!

The affirmations were drawn and designed by me, and each card has copyright information in small print along the outside edge of the affirmation card.  This set of affirmations is intended to be printed on 4x6 size paper (blank index cards work great!) from your printer's photo paper slot.  Colored border is not included in this download. 

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