The Ultimate Doula & Birth Junkie Gift Guide: Top 25 Gift Ideas

Alexa DeLisle

Top 25 Birth Themed Gifts for Doulas, Midwives, and Birth Workers!

Do you have a friend or family member who just loves birth?  Not sure what to get them this holiday season?  Check out this extensive gift guide, featuring 25 birth themed gift ideas in a variety of price ranges and categories!  Prices or general price range is listed for most items, but be sure to check out other items by the same artist/shop!  There are so many awesome things, 25 just isn't enough to cover it all!  Side note: These aren't in any particular order, just a great collection of awesome birth things :D

25.  Art Print or Original Painting By Katie Berggren

Beautiful artwork that depicts the raw and emotional aspects of new motherhood in a colorful and spiritual way.  Each painting is unique, and any of these prints would make a wonderful addition to any home or office!

Star Light nursing toddler art print $22.00   "Awake" by Katie Berggren Original Painting 8"x8" $185.00

Right: Art Prints range in price from $22.00 USD for an 8"x10"
$267.00 USD for a 24"x24"
Left: Original 8"x8" Painting $185.00 USD

24.  Avocado Stone Faces Carvings

Many of her carvings are of Mushrooms or Guardians of the Forest, but Jan also does carvings of the birth symbol "Sheela Na Gig" who is said to have birthed the universe from her yoni, and of Venus of Willendorf.  Those carvings aren't as common and tend to go quick, so check back often!

Sheela Na Gig Avocado Stone Carving €135.00

Sheela Na Gig Avocado Stone Carving $143 USD (135.00 Euro)

Venus of Willendorf Avocado Stone Carving Birth Lover Gift

Venus of Willendorf Avocado Stone Carving $58.50 USD or €55.00 Euro

23.  This That & These: Polymer Clay Goddesses

Made from Polymer Clay, these little Goddesses are awesome!  Each one is different, featuring fertility, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and more!  Price range is $40-$70 USD

Fertility Goddess Statue Ultimate Birth Junkie Gift

Handmade to Order Goddess Figurines $49.00 

Fertility Goddess Breastfeeding Doula, Midwife, Lactation Consultant Gift

Handmade Breastfeeding Mama Goddess Figurine $42.00

22.  Radish Wool Works: Handmade Felt Figurines

Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, Doulas, Babywearing, and Families can all be depicted in these swoon-worthy felt figurines!  Each one is more amazing than the next, and would be a most treasured gift for any doula, midwife, lactation consultant or birth worker of any kind!

Pregnant Mama on a Birth Ball Hand Felted Doula Gift

$75.00 Hand Felted Mama on a Birth Ball

Midwife assisting mama hand felted Midwife Gift

Hand Felted Midwife Assisting with Birth $150.00

Doula Support Hand Felted Doula Gift  

Hand Felted Doula with Laboring Mama $95.00

21.  Heart2Heart: Birth Affirmation Coffee Mug

Empowering and just the right size, this 15oz mug would be a great addition to any birth worker's mug collection!  

Birth Affirmation Mug 15oz with 24 Empowering Affirmations Doula Gift

15oz Birth Affirmation Coffee or Tea Mug $14.95

21.  Chloe Trayhurn Motherhood Paintings and Illustrations

These colorful and abstract motherhood paintings are absolutely stunning!  They truly capture mothers as they are, curves, babies, breastfeeding, and more.  Any of these would make a wonderful addition to an office or home!

Fearless Motherhood Art Mothers and Babies Midwife or Lactation Consultant Gift

Fearless Motherhood Fine Art Print: Starts at 8"x12",  $57.01+

20.  HeartFireHenna: Henna Powder & Cones

For some reason, Doulas and Henna often go hand in hand.  A more natural, temporary alternative to Tattoos, many doulas will offer Belly Henna services to their clients, or simply enjoy doing some Henna designs on themselves.  Either way, Henna makes a fun gift, and this organic Henna makes a safe option for anyone wanting to try body art!  Be sure to check out her other items, as she also offers Henna Cones for application.

 Organic Henna Powder 100g for Belly Henna, Doulas, Natural Birth, and More!

At only $8.00 USD, This is a great, affordable gift!  Mix with Lavender Essential Oil to use with Pregnant Women (see next gift item below!)

19.  Lavender Essential Oil

Perfect for mixing with Henna Powder, using with a diffuser, or a myriad of other applications, Lavender Essential Oil is a calming scent, and often used by birth workers for pregnant and laboring women.  This gift box makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any birth worker!

Lavender Essential Oil for labor or mixing with henna  

Pure Lavender Essential Oil, 0.5 Fl Oz $12.29 US

18.  Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

Warm light, Plugs in.  Available on Amazon Prime, meaning you can get it shipped quick! Great for doulas to bring with them to clients births, as it's small and portable, fitting nicely into most any doula bag.

Portable Warm Light Diffuser Travel size for doula bags great gift

Travel Diffuser $19.99 on Amazon Prime

17.  100% Doula: Birth Ball Covers

Offered in several color options and 2 sizes, these Birth Ball covers are awesome!  They not only protect the ball from getting dirty with a removeable and machine washable fabric, but they also have a carrying handle to make it easier to bring to client meetings or a birth!  Check out her peanut ball covers too--although those sell out quick, so check back often!

Birth Ball Cover for Doulas and Midwives, Natural Birth, Birth Support

Birth Ball Cover 65cm $39.95 USD

16.  Down The Canal: The Game Of Birth

That's right--a birth game!!  Educational and fun, this game is a must-have for any doula, midwife, or birth lover!  

Down the Canal: The game of birth!  Fun and Educational, great doula gift!

Down the Canal $29.99 USD

15.  MaidInTheWoods:  Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendants--there are many to be found by many different makers.  I found MainInTheWoods to have exceptional quality!  She has excellent reviews and a beautiful product.  Truly magical.  A perfect symbol for birth and fertility.

Tree of Life Pendant Doula or Midwife Gift

Tree of Life Pendant with Howlite $85.00

14.  Family Tree Glass:  Placenta, Birth, and Family Jewelry

This unique shop specialized in handblown glass jewelry!  Shop here to find one of a kind baby wearing pendants, pregnant mama necklaces, yoni pendants, and family pendants.  Custom orders accepted too!

Handblown glass birth support partner necklace perfect doula gift

Handblown Glass Birth Support Pendant $45.00 USD

 14. H2H:  Bring Your BRAINS To Labor Zip Up Hoodie

When in labor and presented with an unexpected turn of events, the acronym "BRAINS" can help mom remember what questions to ask of her care providers before making any decisions about her or her baby's care.  This super cozy sweater is the perfect holiday gift for the doula or birth educator who wants to bring that acronym with her to support her clients!

Bring Your BRAINS To Labor Cozy Zip Up Doula Hoodie Sweatshirt

Bring Your BRAINS To Labor Zip Up Hoodie (Runs a little big) $49.95-$52.95

 13.  Pocket Pelvis, Placenta & Membranes, Knitted Uterus

If you've ever heard your favorite doula or birth educator mention wanting a demo pelvis or birth set, this is an excellent gift idea!  It comes with a mini Pelvis, Placenta & Membranes with detachable Umbilical Cord, Baby, and Knitted Uterus with a little travel bag for an easy to bring along demo set!  And compared to the larger sets, this kit is a steal!

Demo Pelvis, Baby, Uterus, Placenta, and detachable umbilical cord Birth demo set

Demo Birth Set $144.55 USD
Comes from Australia, so order 10-15 days ahead!

12.  Door Anchored Stretching Strap

Pulling or Hanging using a rope is a time proven labor support method.  This ballet stretcher comes with a door anchor and two straps with padded handles that would be the perfect portable tool for almost any doula bag.  Could be brought to hospital births, home births, and even birth center births for medication-free birth support!  And as an added bonus, it's under $10 on Amazon, and Prime eligible!

Door Anchored Strap for Labor Support Birth comfort measures Doula Bag

Body Stretcher with Door Anchor for Labor Support $9.97
on Amazon, and eligible for Prime!

11. H2H:  "I Believe in You and Your Ability To Birth" Shirt

For many women, believing that they can give birth is the hardest part.  This doula shirt puts it out there loud and proud that she believes in her clients, and whatever happens, she is giving birth to her baby.  This shirt comes in a few color and several styles, including long sleeve, v-neck, and racerback tank!

"I Believe in You and Your Ability to Birth" Lotus Doula Shirt from $16.95
Also comes in Long Sleeves, Racerback, and V-Neck in Grey!

10.  Rebozo Labor Wrap  

A Rebozo is a multi-purpose labor tool, and a must-have for any doula's bag of tricks!  It's perfect for several methods of comfort measures, can be used to tug on when wrapped around the squat bar, or even for supporting the belly during postpartum healing.  This little shop has several fabric options!

Batik Rebozo for Labor and Birth Support

Rebozo by Etsy Shop YourBirth $34.95

9. H2H: Laminated Labor Intensity Scale & Pain Scale Cover-Up

Doulas and other birth workers are often frustrated by the grimacing faces depicted on the Pain Scales that are in most hospital labor & delivery rooms.  This Labor Intensity Scale was designed to be large enough to cover most horizontally laid out pain scales!  There are 10 moons instead of grimacing faces, and along the way there are tidbits printed about the emotional markers that may be happening along the way to fully dilated.  A perfect and inexpensive gift option for those who attend births!

Laminated Labor Intensity Scale and Pain Scale Cover-Up

Pain Scale Cover-Up $14.95

8.  Studio Lindy: Symbols of Femininity and Tradition 

Linda's shop is packed full of over 100 beautiful, feminine, statues!  Many of them depict fertility goddesses, pregnant women, or mothers, and each one is more beautiful and amazing than the next.  What a special addition to any birth space or fertility shrine!

Hand Cast Fertility Goddess Beautiful Midwife or Doula Gift

Comes from Australia, $27.19 USD

7. The Birth Hour Podcast Bull Denim Tote

This large, oversized, heavy-duty tote makes the perfect doula or midwife bag!  Lots of space and a useful shoulder strap, there's plenty of room to hold all of the things you might bring with you to attend a birth.  And when you purchase a tote, you are supporting The Birth Hour podcast, which brings free birth story podcast episodes which are inspiring and empowering for women all over!

The Birth Hour Podcast Tote Bag for Doulas, Midwives, and Birth Educators

The Birth Hour Podcast Bull Denim Tote Bag $120.00

6.  H2H: Birth Affirmation Temporary Tattoos 

These Birth Affirmation Temporary Tattoos are great for early labor, to wear to a client's birth, or to use as handouts for new client gifts!  Each pack comes with all 4 designs, and is available in different quantities based on your needs.  This pack of 200 is great for any birth worker!

Birth Affirmation Temporary Tattoos perfect for doulas or laboring moms!

4 Designs of Birth Affirmation Temporary Tattoos

200pk of Birth Affirmation Tattoos $69.95

 5. Doulas drink coffee, babies drink milk tee

This cute tee was designed by a doula's husband!  I love the sentiment, because it certainly is true in most cases!!

Doulas Drink Coffe Babies Drink Milk Doula Crew Neck Tee in Heather Grey

Doulas Drink Coffee Tee $18.00

4.  H2H: I've Got Your Back{side}/Doulas Do The DOUBLE HIP SQUEEZE

Many a doula has spent hours upon hours doing the double hip squeeze to help moms get through their contractions!  This birth support shirt is absolutely perfect for any doula who has found herself sore the next day from hours of performing this super helpful comfort measure!  This shirt is currently a preorder, but is expected to ship out by December 15th, 2016--right in time for the holidays!

Double Hip Squeeze Comfor Measure Shirt I've got your back{side} Birth Support Shirt

Double Hip SQUEEZE Doula Birth Support Shirt $22.95

3.  GothicGlassStudio: "Birth" Stained Glass Ornament

A very unique gift, this stained glass version of a pregnant mama would be an awesome gift to give a doula, midwife, nurse, or childbirth educator!  It's a simple yet delicate and beautiful design, and it comes in several different colors!

Stained Glass Pregnant Mama Doula and Midwife Gift

Stained Glass Pregnant Mama $35.00

2.  Ovaries Before Brovaries Sticker

At Under $5, this makes a great gift that fits anyone's budget!  It's cute, hilarious, inexpensive, and can be placed on a favorite notebook or doula binder!

Ovaries before Brovaries Uterus Sticker

Ovaries Before Breviaries Sticker $3.50

1.  H2H: Birth Affirmation Banner w/ Micro LED Light Bundle Set

The perfect birth bag addition, this Micro LED light and Birth Affirmation Banner bundle set makes an instant peaceful birth space with almost no effort!  Simply find a place to hang it, turn on the lights, and a sense of serene washes over the room.  

micro led light and birth affirmation banner set

Birth Affirmation Banner & Micro LED Light Twine Bundle $34.95


And that's it!  There are a ton of other wonderful, awesome, inspiring birthy themed things out there--it was so hard to just pick 25!  I hope you enjoyed this list--let me know your thoughts, and feel free to add links to other awesome things down in the comments!  For even more ideas, check out our Gift Guide Pinterest Board.  Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

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