Product Feature: Color Me Birth Affirmation Banner

The Color Me Birth Affirmation Banner is one of the newest products to hit the "shelves" at Heart2Heart Store.  There are so many things that excite me about this banner.  For example, the 20 affirmations that were selected for this banner were carefully considered, keeping in mind that there are many women out there who have either heard horror stories about birth, or have experienced some kind of birth trauma in the past.  The affirmations in this banner help address those fears and memories, and encourage women to work through the mental obstacles that may be holding them back from fully surrendering to the birthing process.  Many of the affirmations are also open ended, meaning that they can be interpreted any way that is helpful to the individual.  For example, "Open.  Release." could be seen as physically opening and releasing muscle tension to let baby descend, or mentally opening up to accept new thoughts and experiences, as well as releasing old ghosts and fears.  I encourage women to read the affirmations and mold them to fit their unique needs as they prepare for their birth journey.  


And now, the fun part!


So far, I have gathered about 5 different ways this banner can be used.  Originally, my vision for this banner was as a meditation medium.  Tea, comfy couch, relaxing music.  Cozy blanket, tv tray.  Watercolor paint tray, a couple of brushes, maybe some colored pencils...and the banner.  Maybe she colors the whole banner in one go...maybe she only does one each night.  When she's finished, it gets hung in her birth space or in a comfy place where she feels safe and happy.


Then the light bulb started going off.


WHAT IF this banner could be colored together as a family, as a way to include kids in the pregnancy and arrival of a new sibling?  What if they used the time to talk about the new baby, imagine what he or she is going to be like?  Talk about how to behave around the baby, how to be gentle with the baby?  Figure out ways the kids can help when the new baby arrives?  What if they used the time to talk about the birth, and how the baby will be making its arrival?  And then, when the banner is all decorated, it's a beautiful collection from the whole family, a symbol of support for mom as she brings the newest family member earthside.


AND THEN I had a doula client prenatal meeting scheduled at Starbucks a couple of months ago, and another idea struck me.  Ice breaker.  Conversation conduit.  I grabbed a few banner flags, my colored pencils, and after we ordered our teas, we sat and colored, talking about her previous birth, and her thoughts about her birth coming up.  It was really nice.  Relaxing, fun.  And it gave us something to keep our hands busy and the conversation flowing.  I did realize that the whole kit might be a bit pricey for gifting to every single client, but what if the kit was broken into 4?  The set comes with 20 birth flags, and if 4 clients received 5 flags each and a 5ft piece of twine, it would be a really nice client gift, and a great way to ease any nerves about meeting and talking to a new person!  She would also then have a physical reminder of the meeting, and it would be associated with good birthy vibes whenever she was looking at her little banner.


So those are probably my biggest "ah ha!" moments as far as using the coloring banner.  The next way to use the banner is as a Blessingway activity.  Often times at Blessingways, everyone attending picks a birth affirmation and decorates a banner flag for hanging.  Using the Color Me Birth banner allows everyone to customize a flag, while still keeping a consistent feel to the banner.  And since the coloring banner already has affirmations on it, people can easily choose which flag speaks to them to decorate.


And the final way for using the banner (so far, anways!) was actually done by my very pregnant friend (and Brand Ambassador!) Jenny.  She liked the banner so much just as it was, that she hung it in her birth space without coloring it.  It does has a very clean, happy feel to it just the way it is.  I was so busy thinking of all these other ways to use it, that I didn't even consider this simple, obvious way!


Well, that pretty much wraps up all there is to say about the Color Me Birth Banner.  Do you have another use for it?  We'd love to see your photos!  Feel free to tag us on Instagram @heart2heartstore

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